Yesterday I had the very fortunate experience of going to Sydney for the day for training with Claire Fabb of the hugely successful Style by Yellow Button.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 10.54.02 am copyHere is my diary of the day:

4am – Can’t sleep as am worried I might miss my 7.30am flight so start pottering around trying not to wake my household.

6am – Pick up my fellow stylists from Melbourne – Gemma and Shannon.

6.50am – Arrive at Melbourne Airport and there is no time for inserting coffee into our weary and bleary bodies so we will have to buy one from Jet Star (cringe! but any sort will do at this stage).

9am – Arrive in Sydney and are met by Derek from The Stables Sydney who takes us to our destination.

9.30am – Arrive at The Stables Sydney at Royal Randwick Racecourse and let me tell you this place is just divine.  I instantly fall in love with it.  The interior design is just spectacular.  The Stables Sydney is a “full service member’s club designed for people to enjoy premium lifestyle experiences”.  Well I am sold ten times over.  We are met at the door by a waiter who has an ear piece in to take our coffee orders.  As Lydia from The Housewives of Melbourne would say “WOW”! We are then shown to our conference room to meet with the beautiful Claire and her right hand woman Alexandra.  Also here are her Sydney stylists Meranda and Lee.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 10.56.32 am copy

10am – Claire gives us a tour of The Stables Sydney and we are blown away.  We have our coffees on their outside terrace and introduce ourselves to each other with what we have been up to with styling and life in general.  We are then lead back to the conference room to start our meeting.
IMG_20150225_143815 (1) copy

12pm – We stop for lunch and decide to sit outside on the terrace.  On the way out we spot Jen Hawkins and Chris Smith on a photo shoot.  They smile at us!  Lovely! I don’t have the courage to ask for a  selfie!
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 10.57.29 am copyScreen Shot 2015-02-26 at 10.57.06 am copy

1pm – We head back to our conference room to continue all things Style by Yellow Button.

3pm – We finish for the day.  We wait for Derek to take us back to the airport and we grab another coffee at the airport and come back home to Melbourne.

20150225_153518 copy

We had a sensational day and I am excited to say that I am going to be working for Claire at Style by Yellow Button.  Claire’s business is a premium styling solution service for men and women who want a VIP experience.  For more information check out Style By Yellow Button.

All enquiries can be directed to Alexandra at


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