Personal Stylist

Leiza at Style Me Leiza knows what is like to be time poor – being a proud mama to 2 little humans, a wifey, trying to stay fit, friends, family and just life – she knows how overwhelming and exhausting life can be. On top of all that you want to feel great about yourself inside and out and Leiza can help with both. If you don’t feel good about what you see in the mirror you aren’t going to feel good about what is going on inside. Style is an outward symbol of who we are and it can tell the world how you feel about yourself. We at Style Me Leiza make you feel spectacular on the outside which will make you feel equally as good on in the inside.

A personal styling/shopping experience with Style Me Leiza will give you:


It will grow that self esteem of yours

It will save you time and money

You will learn how to dress and shop for your body shape

You will learn what colours suit you

Oh and heres a good one – minimising awkward encounters with sales assistants!

Leiza from Style Me Leiza will give you all the best bits to shopping – support, company, fun, objectivity, expertise and experience – in 2 to 3 hours!

So what happens in a Style/Shopping experience with Leiza at Style Me Leiza?

You’ll have a coffee with Leiza (her shout of course!) at Chadstone Shopping Centre, Melbourne CBD or Westfield Southland where she will discuss your requirements, budget, lifestyle, any issues, personal goals and what we are shopping for. It could be for:

a special event,

a new season wardrobe,

going on a date,

you are starting a new job and want to impress,

no new job but need a new work wardrobe,

you’ve had a baby,

you have lost some weight or put on weight,

you just hate shopping,

you always spend too much money on things you never wear,

you never seem to find anything when you do shop,

and the list goes on…

Whatever the reason Style Me Leiza can help you with your own unique needs. Please note that in no way is any of this about superiority or humiliation but about empowering you to become the best version of YOU and Leiza will gently guide you to become just that!

After the coffee and chat the shopping experience starts!

Believe us when we say that 2 hours will feel like 1 hour and you will walk away happy and feeling wonderful about yourself ready to take on your world.

People always ask what to wear to a personal styling/shop experience and we say whatever you are comfortable in. You will be on your feet for quite some time and getting in and out of clothes for the 2 hours so we want you to be comfortable.

For more information on pricing for shopping and styling contact Leiza at or call on 0413 995 350. Leiza also does Wardrobe Cleanses and can cater for a package for a Wardrobe Cleanse and Shopping Experience.  Ask Leiza how!

To make a coffee styling/shopping date or if you have any questions please email Leiza at