I am a young mum with a couple of kids who has a huge love of fashion but minimal time to spend on myself in an effort to look good, and feel good.

Leiza came to me through a colleague’s recommendation. I’d had a stylist visit the preceding year to help me with a wardrobe cull but 12 months later, I still felt like I hadn’t received what I was searching for, so I was keen for more help. Leiza’s website and Instagram account gave me a really good idea of who she was and what she could offer. Leiza was very prompt replying to my emails and within a couple of weeks, we’d booked both a wardrobe review and a shopping trip.

Prior to our first meeting, Leiza sent me a detailed questionairre to identify my goals and problem areas, along with general questions about myself. This served as a great headstart. Leiza came to my home soon after and in 2 hours, we whizzed through my wardrobe, efficiently identifying items that no longer suited whilst setting aside dozens of other pieces to put together as outfits. She exceeded my expectations, styling separates into outfits that really achieved what I was craving for. Comfortable and practical yet stylish and edgy. I really loved that Leiza paid attention to what pieces I already had. My beautiful clothes were put together so effortlessly in ways I had never been quite able to do so myself. At the end of the session, Leiza was able to identify a handful of key items that were missing and that served as a starting point for our shopping trip, that was scheduled a fortnight later.

We spent a couple of hours in the city for our shopping trip. Again, Leiza was really efficient and we managed to tick off everything we set out to do. Never have I done so much in so little time without getting sidetracked! I really loved Leiza’s picks, which she had already previewed prior to our shop. Leiza did not at any point pressure my into any purchases, and she was very honest about whether things suited. I felt really looked after the whole time.

After our shop, Leiza sent a report documenting all the things we had discussed at the wardrobe review and shopping trip. In this, I had many photos of suggested outfits, along with hints and tips on dressing for quick dressing up or down of outfits – perfect for school drop off/pick up and the in between hours.

Since meeting Leiza, when I look at my wardrobe, I can see exactly what I own and confidently put outfits together within minutes. I can now walk out of my house with my rugrats in tow and feel attractive. This is exactly what I was after, and I am so glad to have found Leiza. She is gorgeous inside and out, really talented at what she does, tunes into her client’s needs and has a very creative and innovative sense of style. I have already asked Leiza to come back in Summer to help!

KC – Age 37

I had the pleasure 0f spending time with Leiza as I transition from a football career into the corporate world. Leiza is passionate, high energy and great to work with. Highly recommend. Thanks again Leiza.

Joel M